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Chords chart archive including a complete list of slashed chords and an extensive collection of photos. We provide many additional informations about the chords, such as intervals, alternative positions, fingerings, difficulty, usefulness, similar chords/

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#15Neutral Ukulele Tabs, Chords 64 24.8 Stats
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#18Up Ukulele Blog Ukulele Blog 59 20.4 Stats
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#22Down Bigbassuke Ukulele Blog 26 10.7 Stats
#23Down Life's a Ukafrolic Ukulele Blog 14 10 Stats
#24Neutral Dominator Ukulele Tabs Ukulele Tabs, Chords 9 9.6 Stats
#25Neutral "Le ukulele pour tous!" Ukulele Tabs, Chords 23 8.9 Stats
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